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Some information on Richard’s character, straight from Richard’s mouth during an interview with Examiner.com back in February 2013.

Q. Tell your fans about the TV mini-series that you’re working on called ‘To Appomattox’. I’ve read that it can be described as ‘John Adams’ meets ‘Band of Brothers’.

A. It’s where the Civil War began and ended. Michael Frost Beckner, writer of Spy Game, is a massive Civil War buff. He wrote this brilliant mini-series about the war. I play a character Nathaniel Wexler. Some of the characters are real, and some of the characters are representing real. Mine’s representing real. He’s a soldier who chickened out on the battle field; he panicked. At the court-martial they decided that they need bodies and they’re hanging healthy men who got nervous. Wouldn’t it be better to give them a second chance? Let’s give these guys a chance to do good. It started what was dubbed the Cowardice Brigade which was made up of men who were sentence to hang. It’s an interesting affect of the war. Fingers crossed that it starts sooner than later because we’re coming up on the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and it’s very timely.

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"Aargh. Sorry. Didn’t read the whole script. Just skimmed for my parts."

His face. I can’t.

"Not the cat with the beard and sandals—the hot one."

"I need your help brother."

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